Our Story

Founded in 1977, Enlon Philippines Corporation is the leading Engineering Plastic and Metal parts manufacturer in the Philippines. Our 40 years of experience allows us to provide our customers with high quality and superior performance semi-finished products and finished parts.

Our company adheres to a strict Quality Control Practice which is applied from the selection of our raw materials up to the delivery of finished goods. Therefore, we are confident that our clients get the best value for their money. Our company also believes in maintaining good and long-term relationships with our clients by providing timely and superior services. Our Team is composed of professionals who provide hands on work practices.

Enlon is continuously developing and optimizing our internal processes, in order to engineer excellent products, to achieve maximum productivity, to avoid wastage, and to further lower costs. Our company continuously innovates and invests in the latest technologies in order to achieve our vision of being the top Engineered Parts manufacturer in the country.

Our Customers

Our specialty engineering parts are superior in performance to others and are used in a wide range of applications and industries. Some of our Major Clients are:

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